yo▓unger Yanai became Japanese ambassador to the United States in 1999."As a senior official in the Japanese government Mr. Shunji Yanai ▓is a rare breed. He is ... bold and sometimes controversial, and somehow gets away with things that w

ould most likely cost someone else his career," said Fumik

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he Japanese roy▓al family
, and was later admitted to Tokyo Universi

ty to study law. He e▓n

o Halloran in his review of Yanai▓'s book titled "Rapid Changes in Diplomacy."Ya▓nai had to leave the Foreign Ministry along with three other officials amid a series of embezzlement scandals within the ministry.A▓fter the end of his diplomatic ▓caree

r, Yanai became a professor of law at Chuo ▓University in Tokyo.A MASTERMIND BEHIND WIDELY OPPOSED SECURITY LAWSA law graduate from Tokyo University, Yanai was considered by some observer▓s as an expert on bypassing constr▓aints of and warping Japan's postwar pacifis▓t Constituti

on.According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, when Yanai was director general o

f ▓the Treaties Bureau of the Foreign Ministry during the 1990 Gulf War, he helped push through parliament an act that allowed Japan to send Self▓-Defense Forces abroad to assist in UN peacekeeping operations. In 1992, the J▓apanese government dispatched ▓

some 600 soldiers and 75 police o▓fficers to Cambodia for peacekeeping operat▓io

ns.In 2007, during Abe's first term as Japanese prime minister, Yanai served as▓ chairman of a panel set up to advise ▓Abe on his plan to revise the country's Co▓nstitution to allow military actions▓ overseas.After Abe took office again in 2012, he relau

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